Will I receive an agenda and map for Youth Conference?
Yes, your Youth Conference Facilitator will prepare a group specific agenda and map. These will then be distributed to all adult chaperones during orientation. Your agenda will also be emailed to you prior to you conference.

What are good ideas for workshops?
Service projects, hikes in Logan Canyon, teambuilding events at the USU Challenge Course, or a workshop based on your youth conference theme are always good options.

Are we in charge of workshops?
Yes groups are to provide the teaching of their workshops. Let your conference coordinator know what type of facilities you need. Vacant Gyms and rooms without desks and chairs are very difficult to reserve due to the demand for those facilities. We are not able to provide those type of spaces in all situations.

Is my group in charge of finding a keynote speaker?
No, your group is responsible for choosing a speaker our list of approved and contracted speakers.

Where do we park and how do we get there?
Each group will be assigned to a parking lot specific to the campus housing your group is staying in for youth conference. A map will be sent to you prior to your conference.

When do we submit the dietary consideration forms?
The dietary consideration form needs to be submitted one week prior to your conference. With questions concerning dietary needs, please contact your Youth Conference Facilitator.

When is the deadline to submit our final participant numbers?
The final numbers form is to be submitted by 12 noon 3 business days prior to your arrival (4 days prior for 2-day programs). Failure to submit a final numbers form will result in the use of the preliminary count as the final count.

How do we make our payments?
You may pay with either check or credit card. For more information, please contact your Youth Conference Facilitator.

Will USU provide T-shirts for my Youth Conference group?
No, USU will not be providing any custom made T-shirts for youth conference; however, you are more than welcome to design your own themed T-shirt for your group.

Is there Air Conditioning in the dormitories?
The dorms are not equipped for A/C. For this reason, you may want to bring your own fans.

What is provided for groups in the dormitories?
USU Housing Services will provide the following: sheets, pillow, blanket, and toilet paper.

Will there be towels and soaps provided in the bathrooms?
USU Housing Services do NOT provide any towels or soaps.

Can we use the blankets and pillows from the dorms for the movie night?
USU Housing Services will not allow any item they provide to be taken out of the dorm. You may use your own personal items for the movie night.

What do I do with the USU Housing roster once I have finished distributing keys?
The roster will be returned to the Housing office located inside Mountain View Tower for Central Campus or Merrill Hall for South Campus.

Is there a weight room, track, and/or swimming facilities?
All three of these facilities do exist on Utah State University campus. However, due to the high risk of injury, we do not allow anyone to use the weight room or the track. Use of the swimming facilities is allowed only during the reserved time slot for Swim & Gym as part of the 3-Day Package.

Can we come and tour campus prior to our conference?
Absolutely! We encourage you to come and take a tour of campus prior to your conference. April and May are the best months for these visits. This is a great way to get a great feel for what your conference will be like. Contact your conference coordinator to set up your group a tour.

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